Built Environment Custodian Skills Certificate / Custodian Cadet Skills Certificate / Custodial Checking Skills Certificate

1. Course Objectives

The Buillt Environment Custodian Skills Certificate was developed to train and provide industry certification for Built Environment Custodians, a new job created in the JRP-REMMI programme.

Buillt Environment Custodian work is essentially a re-designed job, combining housekeeping / cleaning work with the occasional minor building services repairs/replacements and custodial checking for defects & safety hazards. This approach results in a more productive multi-skilled worker able to command wages in the range of $1,200-$1,400, well above the current $1,000 Cleaner’s job. The higher wages is expected to encourage the generally older and less educated existing Cleaning workforce to upgrade their skills, attract a younger workforce and improve retention rates in this important environmental aspect of Real Estate Management and Maintenance work.

2. Course Overview

The training will impart multi-tasking skills: soft skills to communicate and interact with buildings users and hard skills to undertake building custodian work efficiently and effectively. The course comprises of three modules:

M1. Built Environment Upkeep & Minor Maintenance
  • Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) and Environmental Issues
  • Safe Removal & Disposal of Bulky Items & Waste
  • Upkeep of Vegetation & Plants
  • Upkeep of Building Services: Cleaning & Replacing Lights
  • Upkeep of Building Services: Clearing Sink & Gully Chokes
  • Cleaning & Touching Up Wall Paint
  • Minor Repair of Cement & Sand Screed & Plaster
M2. Custodial Checking
  • Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) & Environmental Issues
  • Recognising & Reporting Common Defects
  • Pest Sighting & Reporting
  • Recognising and Reporting Health & Safety Hazards and Nuisance
  • Recognising & Reporting Environmental Nuisance and Promoting Green Practices
  • Integrated Custodial Checking & Using a Checklist
M3. Communications, Customer Service and Work Ethics
  • Grooming, Deportment & Etiquette
  • Listening & Talking Effectively
  • Customer Service
  • Handling Mistakes & Criticism
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Work Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Quality & Harmony in Work Life

The course may be taken on a modular basis to suit individual learner's flexibility; the course must be completed however within a time limit of two years from the start of the first module.

Please click here for a list of course lecturers.

3. Entry Requirements
Built Environment Custodial work comprises mainly physical operations undertaken in various locations of the building/estate. The entry requirements to reflect the job demands are:

  • Physically fit and not colour blind
  • Able to lift objects weighing a minimum of 15kg
  • English literacy and numeracy up to at least Primary 4 level or ESS Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 3
  • Able to work independently and exercise self-checks of completed tasks.

4. Progression to Built Environment Custodial Supervisor and Beyond
Progression and skills upgrading to a Buillt Environment Custodial Supervisor and beyond is available via the SRP-REMMI Lifelong Learning Roadmap.

5. Course Duration

60 hours

6. Course Fees & Funding Support

$2,100 nett

Funding support is available, please contact us to find out more details.

7. Course Schedule & Other Enquiries

Please call 6563 4176 or email: enquiry@reca.edu.sg