Custodial Checking Skills Certificate

1. Course Objectives
The Custodial Checking Skills Certificate is an intermediate pathway to the full Built Environment Custodian Skills Certificate. It imparts the knowledge and skills to work ethically in ‘sighting and flagging’ building defects and safety issues, and communicate and provide customer service in connection.

Buillt Environment Custodian work is essentially a re-designed job, combining housekeeping / cleaning work with the occasional minor building services repairs/replacements and custodial checking for defects & safety hazards.

2. Course Overview

The course comprises of two modules:

M1. Custodial Checking

  • Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) &  Environmental Issues
  • Recognising & Reporting Common Defects
  • Pest Sighting & Reporting
  • Recognising and Reporting Health & Safety Hazards and Nuisance
  • Recognising & Reporting Environmental Nuisance and Promoting Green Practices
  • Integrated Custodial Checking & Using a Checklist

M2. Communications, Customer Service and Work Ethics

  • Grooming, Deportment & Etiquette
  • Listening & Talking Effectively
  • Customer Service
  • Handling Mistakes & Criticism
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Work Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Quality & Harmony in Work Life

Please click here for a list of course lecturers.

3. Entry Requirements
The entry requirements are:

  • Physically fit and not colour blind
  • English literacy and numeracy up to at least Primary 4 level or ESS Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) Level 3
  • Able to work independently and exercise self-checks of completed tasks.

4. Progression to Built Environmeny Custodian and Beyond
Progression and skills upgrading to a Built Environment Custodian and beyond is available via the SRP-REMMI Lifelong Learning Roadmap.

5. Course Duration

32 hours

6. Course Fees & Funding Support

$1,120 nett

Funding support is available, please contact us to find out more details.

7. Course Schedule & Other Enquiries
Please call 65634176 or e-mail: