Specialist Certificate in Strata Property Management (for Accreditation as Managing Agent Individual)

1.  Course Objectives
The course is one of two parts of BCA’s specified training for accreditation as an ‘Accredited MA Individual’ (the other part is a one-module course on Legislations in Strata Property Management delivered by the BCA Academy), subject to trainees meeting a minimum of two years relevant full-time direct work experience pre or post training.

It provides Legislative-Technical-Administrative knowledge and skills training interweaved with social skills training for operational level management of strata-titled properties. Learning outcomes will comprise in the main of knowledge and skills to apply defined/established techniques, methods, operations and routines.

2.  Course Structure
The course comprises three modules as shown in the table below:

M1: Strata Property Management in Practice

  • Introduction to Strata Management
  • Share Value
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders
    (Developers, Management Corporations, Management Council & Council Members, Subsidiary Proprietors, Managing Agents)
  • Role of the Commissioner of Buildings
  • By-Laws and Lodgement of By-Laws
  • Management Fund & Sinking Fund
  • Conduct & Proceedings of General Meetings
  • Conduct & Proceedings of Council Meetings
  • Insurances for MCSTs
  • Two-Tier Management Corporation
  • Strata-Titles Board

M2: Building & Custodial Services Maintenance

  • Building Structures, Systems & Maintenance
  • Cleaning & Waste Management
  • Security Services & Systems
  • Landscape & Maintenance Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Water, Sanitary & Plumbing Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Air-con & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) Systems
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Systems
  • Lift & Escalator Maintenance
  • Common Defects in Buildings & Repair Methods
  • Safety of Exterior Features

M3: Communications & Strata Property Office Administration

  • Communications in Strata Property Administration
  • Handling Feedback & Effective Communication Skills
  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution Techniques
  • Strata Management Office Set-up & Administration
  • Financial Routine Duties
  • Tendering & Contracts Management

3.  Course Duration

50 hours (excluding exams)

4.  Mode of Delivery, Assessment & Certification
The mode of delivery will comprise lectures delivered either face to face or by live streaming/video conferencing via RECA's ELearning Hub.

Assessment will be in the form of examinations. There will be two examinations in total, one combining the content of Module 1 and 2, and one on Module 3. Each examination will comprise short ‘fill in the blanks’ questions and longer problem-based essay questions testing practical application of the knowledge imparted.

The total number of marks for each exam is 100; participants must achieve a mark of 50 to pass. The RECA Specialist Certificate in Strata Property Management will be issued upon completion and passing of both examinations of the course.

5.  Entry Requirements 
Applicants are expected to have:

  • GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ Level with credits in English and Mathematics or equivalent and
  • Basic IT proficiency in the use of MS Office software.

6.   Progression and Lifelong Learning
Provisions for Lifelong Learning for Specialist Certificate in Strata Property Management holders designated as ‘Accredited MA Individual’ is in place:

6.1  Deep Skilling
Acquire deeper/specialist skills through the Specialist Diploma in Strata Property Management after attaining the  'Accredited MA Individual' status.

6.2  Lateral/Up-Skilling
Acquire lateral and/or improve knowledge by progressing onto the range of courses on the RECA Real Estate/Facilities Management and Maintenance Lifelong Learning Roadmap such as the Specialist Certificate in Building Inspection, Advanced Diploma in Property and Facilities Management and the Diplomas in Real Estate Management / Facilities Management to enhance their employability to take on extended roles in the wider realm of the Facilities Management Industry.

7.  Course Fees & Funding Support
$1,900 nett (excludes $100 registration fee).  Course fee funding is available; see details below:

i)      SSG Funding:
Visit this website
https://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg/sop/WebPageHandler?pn=WP_TMCourseSearch&p=L3E&action=advance. Key in ‘Specialist Certificate in Strata Property Management’ under course title to obtain funding information.

ii)     SkillsFuture Credit:
All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit to offset the unfunded portion of the course fees.

Visit https://www.myskillsfuture.sg/content/portal/en/training-exchange/course-landing.html and key in the following information to make a claim. Course Title: Specialist Certificate in Strata Property Management & Course Reference: CRS-N-0049155

8.   Course Schedule
The 1st intake of the course is scheduled to run from 5 Jun to 25 Jul 2020 (1 day a week for approximately 7 weeks). Please click here for a detailed schedule. 

9.  Registration & Enquiries
Please call 6563 4176 or e-mail: enquiry@reca.edu.sg for other information you may require.

Please note:
It may be necessary for reasons beyond RECA’s control, to change the content and timing of the programme and the identity of the course leader/s.